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SHULEWEB is an IT company offering website solutions for schools. We pride in our great skills and passion for education that helps us blend the best for a school website.


SHULEWEB is an IT company offering website solutions for schools. We pride in our great skills and passion for education that helps us blend the best for a school website.
A modern website can turn into the best tool for promoting your high school and getting out to the word to a larger audience. Using latest technology and design solutions, we will give you the chance to create the image of an innovator in the niche and to establish your reputation, that’s why we at SHULEWEB, want to make you change your look through having an up to date dynamic website.


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Main Features


At SHULEWEB, we will promote your marketing and information dissemination by designing and developing a stunning website that gives a niche in the Education industry. We will work with your team to give a stunning brand that represent your school personality.

Exam Banks

Do you have an online, accessible resource for revision and reading materials? With SHULEWEB, you get an exam bank where you upload all your revision materials, exam papers and as well as marking schemes. Students will have access to this resource.


Do you have various school departments that you would like parents and potential parents to know how organized you are? With SHULEWEB, we will create a section for your departments, their description, management, projects and achievements.

Parents Portal

SHULEWEB has a parent portal, where they can log on to your website and get information like fees balances, download report forms or live chat with the school.


SHULEWEB automates your admission process by providing information online about your available slots, requirements and downloadable application forms.


SHULEWEB will have a section to display the institution structure, the BOM, PTA and Teachers portfolio, if need be even their contacts.


We believe you are undertaking great school projects; be it infrastructural, curriculum and extra curriculum activities, it will be nice to let people who visit your school website know.


Very important that you share any news or upcoming events on your school website, SHULEWEB will have a widget that will update any event on the website on a real time basis.

Events Calender

Do you have a school event calendar? SHULEWEB will avail it online and parents can keep track of what’s happening and what’s going to happen in the school.

Staff Email

Do you have emails for your staff and teachers, how do you send memos? With SHULEWEB we will provide all your staff members and Management team with personalized emails to allow quick and seamless information dissemination. E.g. principal@beatitudegirls.ac.ke

Staff Email

Stop the hassles of printing assignments at the end of term or midterm and concentrate on other core stuff. With SHULEWEB, you will upload just one copy of the assignment and students will be able to download their respective assignments depending on the class they are in and their respective subjects. They then print, work on the assignment and come with them to school.

Our Package

Website Development

Kes 5 /student/Month
  • Exam Bank Module
  • Unlimited E-mails
  • Parents Portal
  • Admission Module
  • Assignment Bay
  • 10 GB storage space
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